Best Electric Skateboard & Longboard Review 2017 – Top 10 Compared

If you're in the hunt for the best electric skateboard, look no further as I present my top picks and the reasons why I got hooked and fell in love using them.

Best Electric Skateboards and Longboards

​Skateboards and longboards are great; they’re cool, hip, trendy, exciting, and very useful. Combine them with a motor and breakthrough technologies, and you have an even better equipment. Electric skateboards and longboards are continuously being innovated, focusing on speed, safety, brake add-ons, and even added remote control features.

Getting stuck in traffic while commuting or driving to short distances can be a hassle. These electronic skateboards are fast becoming a mode of transportation because they’re easy to operate, safe, and most of all fun to use.​

Best Electric Skateboards & Longboards: Comparison Table

Product NameMaximum SpeedRangePrice Range
Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard C2Bench Wheel Dual
1800w Electric Skateboard B2
18.6 mph12.4 miles$$$
Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard SkateboardAirwheel M3
Electric Longboard Skateboard

12.4 mph12.4 miles$$
Pure Energy Electric Skateboard/LongboardPure Energy
Electric Skateboard/Longboard
21 mph18-20 miles$$$$
Altered Fantom 1.0 12-Volt Electric Skateboard with Wireless RemoteAltered Fantom.1
12-Volt Electric Skateboard
with Wireless Remote
10 mph40 min$
Munkyboards SK-1200BL 1200W Remote Controlled Electric SkateboardMunkyboards SK-1200BL
1200W Remote Controlled
Electric Skateboard
28 mph16 miles$$$$$
Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard C2Benchwheel Dual C2
1800w Electric Skateboard
20 mph12 miles$$$
Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard SkateboardYuneec E-GO2
Electric Longboard Skateboard
12.5 mph18 miles$$$
Dakott 1200W 20 MPH Electric Skateboard, BlackDakott 1200W
20 MPH Electric Skateboard, Black
20 mph20 miles$$$$$
Mototec 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual MotorMototec 1600W
Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor
18-22 mph10 miles$$$
Swagboard NG-1 NextGen Electric Boosted LongboardSwagboard NG-1 NextGen
Electric Boosted Longboard
11 mph10 miles$

Bench Wheel Dual
1800w Electric Skateboard B2

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The Bench Wheel B2 is well-loved because it gives the illusion of appearing like a regular non-electric longboard. It has a sleek and discreet wood finish design, with the whole electronic equipment nestled in a single strip at the bottom. The board is made from layers of bamboo and fiberglass materials, which makes it light-weight for an electronic skateboard.

The material composition makes it a sturdy board, at the same time easy to carry around. It can go up to a speed of 20kph, depending on the weight of the user.

Reasons to love

  • Wheels are smooth, but give off traction to provide sufficient grip on all road surfaces;
  • Sleek and classy wood design;
  • Motor and wirings are well packed and concealed;
  • Light-weight and easy to carry;
  • Replaceable or interchangeable wheels;
  • The hand controller is easy to grip and operate.


  • Battery drains quickly after continuous use;
  • Not waterproof;
  • No installed warning device (light indicator to alert vehicles);
  • Noticeable slowing speed, unable to accelerate when the battery is low.

Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard

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The Airwheel M3 looks like a monster truck ready to take on any terrain. It comes with big 4.5-inch diameter rubber tires and built-in damper masses that provides a stable ride. It can achieve speeds of up to 20-kph and responds to the riders’ shift of body weight.

The controller has reverse, forward, and accelerate functions and comes in a small a white body finish. If you are looking for a bad-ass looking electronic skateboard, then the Airwheel M3 might be your perfect partner.

Reasons to love

  • Big rubber tiles allow flexible usage on all terrain;
  • Has anti-skid property;
  • Comes in two color options;
  • Easy remote and control options;
  • Comes with a battery switch, and an indicator when charging;
  • Supports BlueTooth connection and has a smartphone app.


  • Bulky and can be a hassle to carry around;
  • Not waterproof;
  • Brakes may cause sudden jolts or immediate stopping;
  • Requires assembly upon receiving the package.

Pure Energy
Electric Skateboard/Longboard

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With the capability of cruising up to a speed of 21-mph, the Pure Energy electric skateboard lives up to its name. The design looks like an ordinary longboard, adapting to the grip paper deck in an all black material finish.

A single charge can last up to a travel distance of 20 miles, depending on the terrain and weight of the user; this feature allows you to worry less about finding a power outlet to charge your board. In addition to the heavy-duty battery, the Pure Energy electric skateboard is built with regenerative braking. This feature allows you to recharge your board by breaking or pushing.

Reasons to love

  • Exceptional battery life;
  • Has modes for beginners and experts in skateboarding;
  • Light-weight and easy to carry around;
  • Design is very minimalist and sleek;
  • Has regenerative braking capacity.


  • Speed is largely dependent on the weight of the user;
  • Unable to travel on uphill surfaces.

Altered Fantom 1.0
12-Volt Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote

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This 23-inch electric skateboard does not play with durability, it is made from 7-ply maple deck that takes on a concave shape. It has a kick tail added to allow the user to have more control, similar to regular skateboards. It has an engaging and interactive color with the upper deck in black or grip paper finish and the bottom side in red.

The Altered Fantom electric skateboard has a motor capable of running continuously for up to 40 minutes.

Reasons to love

  • Has various levels of speed: slow, medium, and fast;
  • Well-built and sturdy;
  • Effortlessly connects with the remote control;
  • Easy to grip and operate remote control;
  • Design is similar to regular skateboards;
  • Does not require assembly;
  • Charger has indicator if battery is full;
  • Fast-charging batteries;
  • Great performance of grip paper on deck, provides enough traction and movability;
  • Battery capacity can last up to 60 minutes on smooth surfaces.


  • Heavy, not easy to turn like a normal non-electric skateboard;
  • Tires might be too tight, requiring effort to loosen;
  • No reverse option;
  • No slow down option;
  • Can only carry a weight limit of 120 lbs;
  • Bottom motor equipment is bulky, easily gets damaged on bumpy surfaces;
  • There isn't much clearance between motor and wheels;

Munkyboards SK-1200BL
1200W Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard

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From the name itself, you can already tell that the Munkyboard electric skateboard will be a fun ride. It has a fun design with technicolored pipes or lines running through the board. The remote control is shaped like a pistol, allowing the user to easily grip and control the skateboard.

The Munkyboard electric skateboard takes a charging time of 4-6 hours and can last up to 70 minutes. I have a big body build and this skateboard is able to put up with my weight. It does not slow down which is why I appreciate the build quality of it.

Reasons to love

  • Comes with a small tool bag;
  • Can reach speeds of up to 28 mph;
  • Lithium-ion batteries that require lesser charging time;
  • Batteries do not drain quickly, very efficient;
  • Easy to grip and operate remote control;
  • Remote comes with a LED flashlight;
  • Battery charge and speed indicator can be seen in remote;
  • Large rubber tires allow for easier balance and adaptability to road surfaces;
  • Works great as an off-road board.


  • Frequent disturbance of BlueTooth connection with the remote;
  • Bulky remote control;
  • Tough to turn and control because of the build and size;
  • Switching from low speed to high speed needs getting used to.

The Bench Wheel Dual Electric skateboard C2 boasts two custom high-powered brushless motors. These motors have an output of 1800W each, giving you a truly energized ride.

Unlike other electric skateboards, it is capable of uphill climbing making it perfect for sloping surfaces. Because of the dual motor, the Bench Wheel C2 electric skateboard is able to achieve faster acceleration speeds. It comes in a black and red finish, made from durable materials such as bamboo and fiberglass.

Reasons to love

  • Board is designed with a hole for and easy-carry feature;
  • Capable of regenerative charging;
  • Fast charging time;
  • Sleek design;
  • Motor equipment is well concealed;
  • Solid build quality;
  • Dual motor allows for fast speeds;
  • Shorter acceleration period needed, builds up speed fast.


  • Motor can be a pain to fix when damaged;
  • Batteries can lose power;
  • Remote control is not well-made;
  • Some units are unable to accelerate effectively.

Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

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The Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard looks like something very futuristic and minimalist in design. It has a black and green finish, marked with the product name and varied wheel colors. It retained the original shape and kick tail design of a regular skateboard, giving the rider more control in steering.

The Yuneec E-GO2 electric longboard skateboard is only capable of running a 12.5 mph speed. It's the perfect speed to achieve excitement and fun, while still being safe and controlled. Overall, this product is great for people who are experts, and even those who want to get started with electric skateboards.​

Reasons to love

  • Minimalist and classy design;
  • Has rubber gasket seals perfect for light waterproofing;
  • Can cruise through water puddles;
  • Able to cruise and run even through gravel;
  • Has two modes: sport and eco mode;
  • Can be used even by kids because of the controlled modes;
  • Superior battery life;
  • Kicktail provides efficient control;
  • There’s a Yuneec app for smartphones;
  • Great material and built quality;
  • Big enough wheels for better control on bumpy surfaces.


  • Can only reach a speed of 12.5-mph;
  • Not entirely waterproof;
  • Deck is not flat, might get some getting used to.

Dakott 1200W 20 MPH Electric Skateboard, Black

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The Dakott Electric skateboard takes on an irregularly shaped body. It features a 1200W motor, that is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 mph. It's made from 9-ply Canadian maple, and 7-inch aluminum trucks giving you perfect balance and stability when riding.

The Dakott electric skateboard can climb uphill terrain and packs a lot of power even when subject to weight. Total weight of the board is light enough to pack and carry.

One key feature of this skateboard is its lithium-ion batteries. These babies can be charged in just 2 hours, making it the perfect go-to partner for fun and even service. This electric skateboard is the perfect choice because of the price, and the materials used.​

Reasons to love

  • Classy black and yellow design;
  • Board shape is different but sleek;
  • Aluminum trucks allow for a light board but stable ride;
  • Easily responds to shift of body weight;
  • Can carry a load of up to 250 lbs.


  • Advertised as capable of a 20-mile range, but only reaches a 17-mile range;
  • The design might not appeal to everyone.

Mototec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor

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The Mototec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard is a killer monster in the world of the electric skateboard. It can reach a speed of up to 22-mph, and equipped with dual motors that are 800W each. If you're into speed and power, this feature will supply be able to give you faster speeds and shorter acceleration time.

This electric skateboard is equipped with large tread tires that are capable of gripping almost any surface; as the name suggest, it can even run on sandy beaches. Like big vehicles, it has specially designed trucks and spring bushings for extra support.

If you live in a dirt-paved area or are looking into something for your out of town travels, then this might be the perfect and the best electric skateboard.​

Reasons to love

  • Can be used even on dirt or sandy surfaces;
  • Wheels have great traction;
  • Wheels do not twist despite acceleration;
  • Packs a lot of control despite high power and speed;
  • Three-speed variations or modes;
  • Simple board design, wood finish;
  • Easy to grip remote control.


  • Build is bulky, hard to carry around;
  • Heavy;
  • Requires assembly upon purchase;
  • Motor equipment is big;
  • Gives the user a high elevation from the ground;

The Swagboard NG-1 NextGen electric longboard is a motorized skateboard that is perfect for short commutes. It is capable of running up to 11-mph, and is powered by lithium ion batteries that require lesser charging time. It is made by using a Canadian maple wood for its deck and a grip tape for a more comfortable ride.

One downer for this board however is the name, it sounds a bit gimmicky and unappealing. It might get the attention of a certain age bracket, but adults may find the name hard to swallow.

Reasons to love

  • Remote control has indicator of battery level;
  • Board unit also has battery indicator;
  • Has a cruise feature that allows the user to maintain speed without pushing the throttle;
  • Batteries are well protected and concealed;
  • Design of the deck has handle holes for easy carry;
  • Remote control automatically pairs with the skateboard when turned on.


  • Brakes are not gentle in stopping and may throw you off;
  • Does not start slow, takes off fast and may require getting used to;
  • Color and design does not appeal to everyone;
  • Battery indicators malfunction.

I'm pretty sure that after looking at all the products, you're wondering how exactly can you chose the best electric skateboard. Fret not, here are a few features you can look into to make sure you’re spending your money the right way.

Best Electric Skateboard Checklist

Size and load capacity

We each have varied body builds, so remember to check the indicated load limits of the board you're buying. Remember that the durability of materials used for the deck and wheels will be the one supporting your whole weight.

The size of the deck also plays a part in comfortably riding the skateboard, so verify the dimensions see if your feet can fit the design.


This might sound a bit shallow, but the design is also an important factor to consider before choosing your best electric skateboard.

Electric skateboards have designs that are either classy or trashy. If you plan on using the board on your daily commute, pick a design that is easy to clean and will not draw too much attention. If however you plan on getting one for your kids, then find an interactive design.

Materials used

After looking at the design, read on about the materials used to create it. Wood, aluminum, and fiberglass are some of the materials commonly used. Stay away from plastic compositions as it can turn brittle when exposed to elements. Choosing the right material will ensure a longer lifespan and a better investment for your money.


Think about exactly how you plan on using your electric skateboard: if just an additional way of transportation, or merely as a toy. Some electric skateboards can be too heavy and bulky to carry around, and not quite perfect as daily transport.

Motor powers

Dual powered motors are now available in today's market, it is something to look into if you want faster speeds. Chances are, high power motors can take on uphill terrains. The speed of an electric skateboard is dependent on a lot factors such as weight, the surface being traveled, and way of usage - but all in all the motor plays a vital role in how fast it can go. If you're not looking into too much speed, an electric skateboard with one motor can still do a decent job.


Wheels of the electric skateboard act as the main balancing component of the equipment. Bigger wheels do not necessarily mean easier balance and greater stability; this is a product of varying factors. There are wheels specifically design for dirt and sandy terrains which may not run smoothly on other paved finish. Determine what size and what kind of wheels you need before finalizing your purchase.


While most electric skateboards come as one piece, some are shipped in parts and require assembly upon receiving. I'm not doubting your assembly skills, but electric skateboards are sensitive types of equipment that should be handled with care. A single screw that is misplaced can lead to harm, so make sure to read reviews prior to purchase.

In addition, look at how the motor is packed and how it is concealed under the deck. Make sure it is sturdy enough to take on the bumpy road surfaces and not be damaged easily.


Battery life and capacity is important when choosing the best electric skateboard. The motor is dependent on the batteries, and without it, the skateboard will be rendered useless. Since you’ll most likely be using it every day, you’ll want a product that charges fast. The length of your travel must also be taken into consideration, see to it that it is capable of traveling the required distance.

Remote control

Electric skateboards have remote controls that allow the user to accelerate, move forward, backward, and even maintain a steady speed. Some remote controls are big and installed with a screen that shows battery life and a speed indicator. Study the connection feature of the remote and make sure it easily pairs with the board.

Unlike a regular skateboard, your control is also dependent on the remote, so find an efficient one. Since remote controls are connected via BlueTooth, check to see if the connection is not disturbed even in the presence of other BlueTooth powered devices. There are three factors to look at: how easy is it to grip, the connectivity feature, and if you need a display or LCD screen.

Added features

Battery indicators, regenerative charging, waterproof capability, and warning devices are only a few of the added features you can consider in choosing the best electric skateboard. There are also some manufacturers that provide apps for smartphones that you can for looking into tips and tutorials. Not all of these features are necessary, so take time and think about what you really need.

Manufacturers of electric skateboards are now coming up with updated designs and features that can make your ride easier. The above-mentioned factors can help you in narrowing down your choices, but it all is still based on preference. The first step is to determine the reason why you're getting one so you can effectively choose the product that fits your need.

As for me, I'm pretty happy with using an electric skateboard; it saves me the pain of having to endure traffic and makes my daily transportation much more fun.​

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