Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards in 2018 – Reviews, Buyer’s Guide

Last update: January 3rd, 2018

Best Self Balancing Scooters

A Hoverboard or a self-balancing scooter is a special two-wheeled type of gadget which mostly uses specific internal gyroscopes.

They easily detect the your movements during the moments when you want to go in various directions.

The main thing that you have to do is to point toward some certain direction if you plan to go.

So, for more data on how a self-balancing scooter works, keep reading.

Happily, I have tried and reviewed all of those hoverboards of the latest generation, and I hope this will help you to make the right decision.

So, here, we will explain some of the basics of how different some hoverboards are, and what products are more efficient at what different tasks.​

Before the beginning, you must know that self-balancing scooters and hoverboards are completely the same things. Many people name them hoverboards because it’s easier to do so. And, in this particular review, we’ll mostly refer to these interesting products as hoverboards.

Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards
Comparison table

All of these hoverboards on the list are the best on the market by many different standards.

Their speed range from around 8-mph up to 10.5-mph and their weight is no heavier than around 41 pounds. There are exactly 9 brands presented here, all compared in all of their details.

Hoverboard NameTOP SpeedRangeWeight 
RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard - Self Balancing ScooterRockSaw
(Editor's Choice #1)
9 mph10 miles32 lbs
Hoverboard = Swagtron T1 BlueSWAGTRON T18 mph11 miles22 lbs
EPIKGO - Self Balancing Scooter HoverboardEPIKGO10 mph10 miles26 lbs
Segway miniPRO Smart Self-balancing TransporterSegway miniPRO10 mph14 miles28 lbs
DailySaw 6.5 Inch Hoverboard by StreetSawDailySaw10 mph12 miles25 lbs
Powerboard by Hoverboard – Self Balancing ScooterThe Powerboard®10 mph7 miles26 lbs
SWAGTRON T3 Premium HoverboardSWAGTRON T38 mph11 miles22 lbs
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart ScooterRazor Hovertrax 2.08 mph8 miles27 lbs
Jetson Rover V8 Self Balancing Scooter with All-Terrain TiresJetson Rover V810 mph12 miles35 lbs
Skque X1 - Self Balancing Scooter/HoverboardSkque X16 mph12 miles29 lbs

Hoverboards with bluetooth

Best options on the market for you?

Do you prefer faster or more stable self-balancing scooters?

Which brand is your favorite one, and why do you want Jetson Rover, for example?

Well, there are various details included in this review that will help you to analyze in depth both the products and your own reason to buy them and use them.​

Best self balancing scooter - detailed list:

RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth
(All-Terrain) by StreetSaw™

Imagine a unique type of nice off-road hoverboard, that's also nicely designed?

One that is so completely ingenious that possess no boundaries or same constraints like any other hoverboards.

Here we have a great master of its area, the perfect UL2272 certified hoverboard called RockSaw, which is of the off-road kind.

Created by StreetSaw brand is the outstanding all-terrain balancing scooter, and it is truly pure elite among hoverboards.

Best Self Balancing Scooter - Rocksaw off-road hoverboard

No matter if you're smoothly gliding on some dirt roads, blasting over the sand, cruising on some beach or easily plowing through some snow during the winter, this one will offer you a great all-terrain ride, unlike almost all other off-road scooters. So, be able to see this hoverboard going and you will see pure action here.

It's also important to completely understand the main distinction between the RockSaw and all other wavering counterparts. Because a very common misconception about an off-road one is that it must possess very big tires.

Well, while this delusional information is sadly the widespread belief, those guys at StreetSaw prove otherwise.

  • batery
  • Off-Road
  • Strong Tires
  • All Terrain

All Terrain

The RockSaw hoverboard was precisely crafted to be among the very best of all-terrain balancing scooters in the world.

Because, this cute little puppy really puts any other smaller kinds of models to such a shame. That includes also so acclaimed 10-inch kinds of hoverboards, and the StabilitySaw.

Built in some pure state-of-the-art facilities, every possible detail of this vehicle really took into complete consideration those wide varieties of different environments, and also that from these smart think tanks, an entirely true type of all-terrain vehicle was born.

The only possible problems are with hoverboards defective plug.

So sometimes would stay on normal and sometimes the plastic that is around hoverboard's wheel be damaged after rolling or being on some fresh cement.

But, nevertheless, this hoverboard is probably the best one on any kind of lists.


  • Superb Off-Road Tires
  • All Terrain Kind of Scooter
  • Unique design
  • Very Durable
  • Good tires
  • Great motor


  • Possible rare problems with hoverboards defective plug

SWAGTRON T1 UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard
Your swag personal transporter awaits you

The T1 hoverboard might just be one of the best self-balancing scooters for the money.

It passed harsh and rigorous testings in fields of performance, electrical safety, and more, and it's UL2272 certified.

Hoverboard - Swagtron T1 Blue

It's considered to be decently fast while putting safety in the first plan – you can cruise at 8 miles per hour tops, which is pretty cool. Daredevils and people with a need for speed might not be so thrilled (as there are self-balancing scooters that could go 10 and 11 miles per hour), but you'll like its consistency.​

Swagtron T1 can support up to 220 pounds of weight, and it's considered to be quite durable altogether. This magnificent scooter comes in six different color variants – you can get your model in black, blue, gold, pink, red, and white color variations.​

Swagtron also comes supplied with a whole set of new features, including LED headlights, rubber bumpers, two ride modes, and battery indicators.

One of the best features, however, is their patented Swagtron battery management smart system "Swagtron Sentry Shield" that provides multiple layers of protection to this magnificent self-balancing scooter.​

If you're a type of person that want the best, there are no reasons why you shouldn't consider Swagtron T1 UL Self-Balancing Scooter. It comes at an affordable price if you take into account all of the outstanding features it comes supplied with.​

For instance, the motor that was outfitted to the Swagtron is considered to be one of the top-quality models. It's an improvement over the older designs, and it features 250 watts of pure power.

It easily stabilizes the gears so that you can control this scooter with greater ease, but it also comes in handy during downhill driving, mainly because it grips so well on nearly any surface.

  • Fast
  • durable
  • Colors
  • Smart
  • Powerful

A powerhouse motor

Swagtron's equipped with a powerful 250-Watt upgraded motor that stabilizes the gears with ease, allowing for a tighter level of control.

The absolute best for downhill riding and driving.


  • Certified by UL 2272 – the Swagtron Self-Balancing scooter went through harsh and rigorous testings in fields of durability, performance, and safety. It's considered to be extremely safe to use and decently durable
  • Magnificent features – the T1 hoverboard comes outfitted with a set of great features, including the LED headlights, rubber bumpers, two riding styles, and battery level indicators
  • Patented and smart type of battery management – Swagtron's patent, the Sentry Shield battery management smart system is a type of additional protection that adds multiple layers to the overall construction, making Swagtron very durable


  • Sometimes got slightly bad vibrations during its performance on some terrains – it might not be the best all-around hoverboard

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter
UL2272 Certified, 400W Dual-Motor

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter is one of the high-end models in our review. Sure, it does cost a lot, but can you really put a price tag on quality?

It was approved by the UL 2272 standards of Technological Board, passing over 150 rigorous tests, safety regulations, potential fire hazards, and more.

Now, if we're to compare EPIKGO self-balancing scooter to Swagtron (which we just reviewed), it does appear a bit more expensive, but that's mainly because it comes outfitted with a set of superior features.

For instance, one of the first things you'll notice on EPIKGO hoverboard is that it packs quite a punch. It comes supplied with a beautiful set of dual 400 Watt motors. These beauties allow this hoverboard to traverse various kinds of terrain, including slopes that are up to 18-degree steep!

Now, the only problem about these motors is that they heat up pretty quickly.

They have approximately an hour of lifetime before they need a recharge. That may be sufficient if you're looking for fun, but you should keep it in mind, or you'll be walking home.

A powerful motor alone couldn't do much, so the manufacturers decided to kick it up a notch. The tires of this beautiful hoverboard are made of solid rubber – this makes them very versatile and suited for most types of terrain.

As far as the safety regulations are of concern, EPIKGO Self-balancing scooter also passed some of the harshest water resistance tests, as it's rated IP56.

You'll be thrilled to hear that this scooter features a larger foot area, which means that you won't have to squeeze in your feet anymore. More space means that you'll be more comfortable using this scooter, as well as that you'll benefit from extra stability, balance, and safety.

This model comes in three color variations – Elite Silver, Rose Gold, and Space Grey.

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

The Space Gray model variation is what we're looking at right now, mainly because the other two are more expensive (even though the changes in the design didn't affect the overall performance in any significant manner).

  • SAFE
  • Dual-Motor
  • Tires
  • Strong

All-Purpose Tires

The tires that were outfitted to EPIKGO Self-balancing scooter are made of solid rubber. This makes them exceptionally durable and very versatile, for that matter.

You'll be able to traverse most kinds of terrain without having to fret about it in the slightest. Maneuvering through mud, sand, or grass is easy as pie.


  • Safe to use and easy to ride – EPIKGO's self-balancing hoverboard passed over 150 safety tests and regulations, making it UL2271 certified
  • Water resistant and solid – as far as the water resistance is concerned, this scooter won't give you any headaches. It was rated IP56 in terms of water resistant properties
  • Extremely powerful – thanks to two very powerful 400 Watt motors


  • Problematic overheating of the light indicator – this won't affect the overall performance of EPIKGO's scooter in any way, however

Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control

The moment you see the word "smart" next to a product should be the moment you know you've hit jackpot. Segway's miniPRO is one of those products, and you know what's best about it?

It really does think for itself.

You'll be able to connect it to any mobile application using the Bluetooth feature – this means that you'll benefit from remote control method of operation, anti-burglary alarms, customizable lights, firmware updates and upgrades, speed control, vehicle diagnostics, and more.

​The UL 2272 is somewhat of a standard when it comes to premium-quality self-balancing scooters, and it's no surprise that this model passed it too. This particular unit has met the harsh standards of electrical, fire, and water safety.

With 220 pounds of supportive strength, MiniPRO can easily support just about anyone. It's a wonder how it's so lightweight, especially since it's made of such sturdy, strong materials. The Aircraft-grade materials with magnesium alloy are some of the most durable of their kind.

The tires are a whole different story – they were filled with air for maximum shock absorption, and it's safe to say that this scooter features a high level of balance and stability.

There's one last thing you should know about Segway's MiniPRO Smart Personal Transporterit comes supplied with a padded knee-bar that maximizes your comfort while you ride it. It also enables the user to precisely steer, as you don't have to use gravity alone anymore – you can "take the wheel" literally, only with your legs instead of hands.

  • SAFE
  • Different
  • Durable
  • strength
  • Smart

Smart scooter

You can use the Bluetooth function to connect this smart scooter to any mobile application.

This will allow you to benefit from a remote control method of operation, speed control, vehicle diagnostics, firmware updates, customizable lights, anti-burglary alarms, and more.


  • The Bluetooth connection – once you use Bluetooth to wire this magnificent self-balancing hoverboard to mobile applications, you will be able to benefit from remote control method of operation, speed control, customizable lights, firmware updates and upgrades, vehicle diagnostics, and more
  • UL-2272 (Underwriters Laboratories) certified unit – This unit passed harsh tests in fields of performance
  • Lightweight – it's a wonder how Segway's MiniPRO can be so lightweight when we look at its construction
  • Padded type of knee bar for maximum comfort – this feature will allow you to experience hoverboards in a completely different light. You'll benefit from maximum precision steering, ergonomic control, and ultimate level of comfort
  • Superior durability and sturdiness


  • No real secure bumps suspension – this is, however, the only downfall of Segway's MiniPRO

DailySaw 6.5 Inch Hoverboard by StreetSaw™

StreetSaw's DailySaw Hoverboard is a modern, urban self-balancing scooter that's somewhat different when compared to most models we've reviewed so far.

DailySaw 6.5 Inch Hoverboard by StreetSaw

There are a lot of reasons why StreetSaw's DailySaw Hoverboard runs out of stock at such a rapid rate – it's so good that people have such a desire to have it, that it surpasses the manufacturers might produce them in sufficient quantities.​

Now, you can get your DailySaw in blue, brown, green, red, black, white, gold, pink, and white color variations.​

You don't need to try hard in order to make yourself visible while riding the DailySaw Hoverboard as it comes supplied with a pair of LED lights. Both of these lights are facing the front side of this amazing hoverboard, and it's safe to say that they're state-of-the-art (as in the "latest of the LED tech").​

The length at which these lights reach goes up to six-point-five feet away from where you're standing (or riding). This will make the job of being easily visible by cars in traffic quite easy, but it also improves your own safety.​

The battery that was supplied to this magnificent hoverboard is just top-notch. You might've heard about the common problem with hoverboards – they run out of fumes pretty quick. This is not the case with StreetSaw's DailySaw Hoverboard, as it comes outfitted with a superior Samsung/LG battery. This battery lasts longer, as it is able to provide you with up to 5 full hours of fun and joy.​

The wheels of this beast are, perhaps, the biggest addition to the cutting-edge features. They're 6.5 inches large, and they are practically weightless with 25 pounds of weight. This makes them ideal for daily transportation use. You can always pay extra to get the carrying bag for hoverboards.​

  • Battery
  • LED Lights
  • wheels
  • durable

Protective Bumpers

You can rest assured that your safety is guaranteed with the optional, durable safety bumpers.

They're easily removable, so you don't need them at all times.

Supportive strength of 265 pounds​

Even though 220 pounds is somewhat of a standard, StreetSaw's DailySaw Hoverboard can support even more. With the supportive strength of 265 pounds, you literally don't have a thing to worry about.​


  • A set of premium-quality LED lights
  • Available in various color variations
  • Very fast – you can ride this outstanding self-balancing scooter at 10.5 miles per hour
  • Can support up to 265 pounds of weight
  • Superior battery lifetime


  • The overall stability leaves a lot to be desired – you just can't expect to feel so secure when the foot area is so tight

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD
UL 2272 Certified 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

The Powerboard's Hoverboard is an excellent self-balancing scooter that features premium-quality features and capabilities while being pretty affordable. Now, Powerboard is, and this is an understatement, safe to use – it was approved by Underwriters Laboratories with their UL2722 certificate, and let me assure you, this unit won't spark, smoke, or overheat – ever.

The maximum speed of the Powerboard's Hoverboard is approximately 6.2 miles per hour. This doesn't sound like much at first, but most people who aren't speed fanatics will be able to enjoy its smooth method of operation, easy acceleration, and drifting.​

This model was made of premium-quality durable materials, and it's definitely built to last.

If this is something you doubt, you can feel free to try it out before you decide whether it's true or not – the brand offers a one-year warranty, so you can easily get a refund if something goes awry.​

As for the price, The Powerboard's Hoverboard belongs to the bottom bracket of the "affordable" price point category, which means that it's not cheap, but it's definitely not expensive either.

  • SAFE
  • easy to ride
  • acceleration
  • Warranty
  • Price

An affordable price

The Powerboard's Hoverboard belongs to the lower border of the "affordable" price point category – it's considered to be moderately expensive as it's neither cheap or too pricey.

There are models that cost less, that's for sure, but you won't find a better self-balancing scooter in the price range.


  • Underwriters Laboratories certificate – this hoverboard received a certification UL2272
  • Very safe to ride – it's not one of the fastest, but it's definitely one of the safest scooters to ride on
  • Decent price


  • The plastic can sometimes break over hoverboards wheels

SWAGTRON T3 Premium Hoverboard
Built-In Bluetooth Speaker & Lights

We've seen what Swagtron T1 can do, and we can agree on the fact that it's a marvelous self-balancing scooter.

SWAGTRON T3 Premium Hoverboard

Now, if you're asking "why should I even consider T1 if T3 is an improved version?", the answer would be quite simple – there are differences in the design, but the price is changed as well.

The difference in price between Swagtron's T1 and T3 is obvious, but not that significant – they're, basically, in the same price point category, even tough T1 is a bit more affordable, hence more valuable for those people who are on a budget.

What remained the same?

The overall design is unaltered and unchanged – both T1 and T3 look marvelous and beautiful, and the color variations are pretty much the same. You can get your Swagtron T3 in black, blue, gold, pink, red, and white – same as the Swagtron T1.​

The UL 2272 certification was handed to both models, and it's pretty obvious that if the older (inferior) version is safe to use, the new, and better one will be too. Electrical, fire, smoke, and similar safety regulations and tests were executed, and our Swagtron T3 passed with flying colors.​

As for the features that both models come supplied with, we could number the LED headlights and 2 riding modes. The Patented Swagtron's battery management smart system called the Sentry Shield was also a part of the set – this premium-quality feature further improves the overall protection of this magnificent self-balancing scooter.​

What's different?

Well, apart from the price, a brand new motor was implemented in the construction of Swagtron T3. The punchline – an upgrade of 300 watts has replaced the old 250 Watt motor that was supplied to the Swagtron T1.​

One of the most notable additions is the Bluetooth set of speakers. Even though Swagtron T3 is still considered to be a manual self-balancing scooter, the ability to manipulate your music wirelessly is truly great.

  • Safe
  • Smart
  • Extras

UL 2272 certification

This is another standard procedure, but it speaks a lot about the safety of Swagtron T3.

Only the most reliable self-balancing scooters have passed these harsh tests.


  • Available in various color variations
  • UL 2272 certification
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • LED headlights
  • 5-level battery indicators
  • Patented Swagtron's battery management smart system Sentry Shield


  • No troubleshooting types of guidelines present in the manual
  • Slightly more expensive than other Swagtron models

Razor Hovertrax 2.0
Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

The first thing you'll notice about Razor's Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard is the magnificent saw-like pattern on the wheels.

The saw is supposed to represent the Razor company, but it also tells us a story about this beautiful self-balancing scooter.

Just like the saw, Razor's Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard represents a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology, and it just may be one of the smartest hoverboards that money can buy.

It's made by the prominent leaders in the hoverboard industry – Razor – who are also, the humble owners of many premium-quality products.

There's one thing you should know, though – most features that come supplied to this beast are considered to be quite standard, so unless you see Razor's Hovertrax in action, you might be skeptic about it's "do it" part.​

Considering the part of safety, Razor's Hovertrax 2.0 passed the tests given by UL, and it earned UL 2272 certification. It's completely safe to use and ride it, and you'll never have to worry about it catching fire, smoke, or electrical outbursts.

As for the speed, you'll be able to enjoy fun rides at 8 miles per hour (and more, when the battery is at maximum). What's best about this marvelous scooter is that it features a noiseless method of operation. The silent pair of 350 Watt motors is to blame for this.

Hovertrax 2.0 can support 220 pounds of weight, which is, as I've mentioned earlier, one of the standard capabilities that most hoverboards posses. With an hour of continuous riding you won't feel as it's something too special, or at least not until you hear about the special batteries. The Li-Ion 36V batteries feature LG cells that are extremely easy to recharge, and, sometimes, they can even prolong your riding experience and fun.

The price of this hoverboard is just about right – it's somewhere in between cheap and moderately expensive. As for the additional features, it comes supplied with a LED bar display, a set of fender bumpers, the LED-lit power indicators, and 2 riding modes.​

  • variations
  • Speed
  • batteries
  • smart
  • Features

Additional Features

This marvelous self-balancing scooter comes supplied with a ton of features, among which we can number the LED bar display, a pair of fender bumpers, the LED-lit power indicator, and 2 riding modes.


  • Multiple color variations
  • UL 2272 certification
  • Silent method of operation
  • The Ever Balance Technology – Hovertrax 2.0 automatically levels with the terrain, making it very easy to ride
  • An affordable price


  • Small problems with charger – this is not a rule, but some people report they've experienced this sort of problem

Jetson Rover V8 The Fastest Hoverboard in 2017 (up to 12mph), Self Balancing Scooter with All-Terrain Tires, Built-In Speakers and 3 Speed Modes

Jetson's Rover V8 hoverboard represents a whole new level of hoverboard technology.

Most of the features it comes supplied with are simply superior to everything you'll ever see (in the branch of self-balancing scooters, that is), and we're itching to show you why.

Now, the design of Jetson's Rover is pretty straightforward – it looks almost exactly the same as every other hoverboard, but there are a few exceptions.

For instance, the foot area has been reinforced with special, anti-slip materials that add to the overall stability of this scooter.

The supportive weight of Jetson's Rover exceeds that of an average self-balancing scooter by 11 pounds with total 231 pounds of supportive weight. The pair of motors are also stronger when compared to usual hoverboards – Jetson's Rover V8 comes with a set of 400-watt motors that are able to reach 10 up to 12 mph.

Three speed modes are also superior to the usual two – apart from the casual and training modes, you can also use the wireless mode to do most of the things you wanted remotely.

A standard hoverboard tire is 6.5" large, and when compared to Jetson Rover's tires, it's actually small.

This marvelous self-balancing scooter features a pair of versatile 8.5" tires.

As for the extra safety, the manufacturers decided to go an extra mile with you, and they've added both front-facing and back-mounted LED lights. You can rest assured that both the traffic and pedestrians will be able to see you, even in poor-lit conditions.​

  • powerful
  • Fast
  • Strong
  • Goodies

Versatile set of tires

The 8.5" tires can easily traverse any type of terrain.

They're considered to be extremely versatile, and you can wade through mud, grass, puddles, or even sand with impunity.​


  • Superior supportive weight
  • Extremely fast self-balancing scooter – the Rover can reach between 10 and 12 miles per hour with ease, making it one of the fastest hoverboards on the market
  • Three modes of operation – Casual, Training, and Wireless
  • Versatile tires


  • Even though the charging time is very short, some people report problems with their chargers

Skque X1 - UL2272 (MAX 264 lbs)
Smart Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights

The last hoverboard in our review is the Skque X1 hoverboard – one of the latest, premium-quality hoverboard models by the prominent leader in the branch.

Essentially, the first thing you'll like about it is the pair of huge tires. The 10" tires that are supplied to this model make you feel elevated while riding.

Now, it's pretty clear that we didn't mention any models that lack the UL-2272 certificate, and Skque X1 hoverboard is not an exception. The standards are met, and you won't have to worry about your safety (at least not from fire, or smoke-induced hazards).​

As for the color variations, Skque X1 hoverboard comes in black, blue, red, and white, but it also comes with wheels that are 6.5", 8", and 10" large. The model we're looking at offers you the best, smooth rides because of two things.​

Firstly, the Built-In Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy your music wirelessly. Secondly, the gyro sensors on this model make tight curves a breeze.

Skque X1 hoverboard comes supplied with a pair of two 350-watt motors that can reach up to 7.45 miles per hour. That might not be too fast, but it's not slow, and, most importantly, it's safe.​

The 42k mAh batteries take up to 2 hours to recharge, but, if you're lucky, they can sometimes be recharged for a single hour. The supportive weight of this outstanding hoverboard, however, is one of its main highlights.

Skque X1 hoverboard can hold up to 264 pounds of weight with ease.

  • SAFE
  • Strong

A set of great motors

This hoverboard comes supplied with a pair of 350-watt motors that are able to reach 7.45 miles per hour.


  • 3 color variations
  • Can support up to 264 pounds of weight
  • Feel elevated while riding because of the 10" tires
  • An affordable price


  • Small pads that trigger hoverboards wheels

Buyer’s Guide

Firstly, the specific hoverboards that don't truly catch any fire were those that are really not UL-certified. So, this exactly means that hoverboards were made very hastily and cheaply in China. Also, the problematic battery packs (the main cause of those fires), are not always tested or truly checked enough.

Since then, there is the awful disappearance of them in many American stores, but things have really changed recently. This means that those legitimate companies which create hoverboards are now completely gone. They all gotten real UL certifications to ensure safety for their entire model's collection.

The essential consideration you need have on your mind before to choose a right hoverboard for your wild off-roading, well, that's the wheel size. Those regular hoverboards that have the 6.5-inch type of wheels possess tires made of hard rubber. That’s really okay for classic asphalt, but also for a little else.

For normal off-roading, something that’s around 8.5 inches or bigger is recommended. So in case that you truly decide that you want to acquire a hoverboard, how can you do it correctly?

Before you go after some brands and models, make sure to know what kind of product you are really looking for.

The most important features​

This first important thing to really consider during your comparing some different hoverboards is their main features.

Does first example go much faster than some other?

Also, does some products offer far more foolproof and truly sophisticated navigation systems than potential others?

Do some offer a better hood in their front that really offers good protection in some nasty accidents?

Of course, these and some other features must be some that are the most important. Less or more such crucial features are clearly visible if you look for some different scooters, so, this is clearly an easy assessment to be made.

The next valuable thing you should consider is the amount of your need for it. You must ask yourself about the reason of its main use. Also, you must learn to easily differentiate practical needs from those imagined ones. And, you really could think that you will easily use this product to smoothly ride to your gym at 6 AM. But, in reality, well, you’re never get up so early. 🙂

On the other hand, you might really use it during your regular grocery shopping. So, find out some realistic personal motivation. After that, you can filter through your possible choices, and make the right one. The impatience during your making of the choice can be really costly.

Some standard traits that you need to consider are:​

  • Top speed
  • Battery life
  • Are they easy to use or not?
  • Tires sizes
  • Weight capacity
  • Hoverboards weight
  • Special kinds of features
  • Price range

Appearance of the product

Another crucial trait that you really must consider carefully is hoverboards appearance. Maybe one brand only truly offers its products in some basic black or white colors. And, another brand maybe offers some pink and blue too. Well, here you really need to carefully choose what really uniquely matters in your case.

Do some ideas of attaining a small number type of plate can make your son's or daughter’s day or not? Tastes about an appearance can truly be quite different, but your personal ones play the main role here. Well, whichever product is truly the best looking example of that, narrow that one down and buy it.

Higher or lower price?​

Finally, you really must balance all that criteria from above with affordable price. And, after all, an almost every hoverboard should be really worth the cost that you pay for it. So, you really must balance your money and other important features. Because if one brand can offer something extra and cool, but it's price is really twice expensive than normal, then it's really not so good option.

But, if another product is asking for additional two or four hundred dollars of extra but it also offers some essential and crucial feature? Some unique child grip, for example? Well, then that one is really worth it in the case that you got a kid. So, therefore, you really must evaluate everything according to real personal needs and your amount of money.

Another useful information in the buyer's guide​

Do you want additional useful information that can prove helpful?

Well, this truly might look like fun on some celebrities’ Instagrams or else, but are those types of gadgets really right for you?

What are the best self-balancing scooters available for you and what is their real cost?

Well, the answer can probably be yes as a regular convenience and its real cost-effectiveness is offering something that almost everyone can truly benefit from. So, if you need more reasons about why a hoverboard is a nice buy, keep reading.

Here are most important of the hoverboard's major advantages.​

Main advantages


There is an absence of the need to store gas or fill some tank here. That's because you only need some good batteries to run this product. So, you must store up your batteries, because then you will have a truly, never-stopping, never-ending, and completely dependable, secure ride.

Easy for navigation

There's really nothing so complex in any ways that hoverboards could be controlled. Because, all that you really have to do is to lean forward if and when you need to accelerate. Also to lean back if and when you truly want to cease your ride on the hoverboard.

So, if you really want to immediately turn right or left, then you need to easily turn the hoverboard's right handlebar backward or forward. Because, these very simple instructions can truly be everything that you really need to learn. After that you can jump aboard and begin your smooth ride.


Another of its obvious and crucial advantages is also this one. The classic design in the case of these capable products is clearly such that can't be too heavy or bulky. Also, they possess very light frameworks, and this also gives nice possibilities. So you can easily carry them just about anywhere you need to.

Low maintenance

Hoverboards also do not really require any kind of heavy maintenance. The only thing you must check up sometimes are the products batteries, and their true durability and power. Almost everything else can be really solved or taken care of before you purchase your self balancing scooter.

Great in urban living conditions

Well, of course that you cannot really forego your nice potential subway ride. Or ride to your office some two-hour drive in the direction of the nearest hospital with the hoverboard. But, on the other side, it can be really perfect for some small errands, for example, buying some groceries or similar thing.

Hoverboard is truly apt for those distances between five or six to ten or eleven kilometers. All of this can be done with some small extra load. That means your regular trips in the direction of the supermarket or else can really become far more relaxing, easy-going or funny.


Lastly, the eco-friendliness of a hoverboard is yet it's another great advantage. This can be only more important in the future than it is in these times. So, during your making of some good choice by buying a hoverboard, you can also greatly benefit your nearest natural environment, and that's a clear win-win.


It is hard to decide which of those ten hoverboards is the best.

RockSaw and SWAGTRON's T1 are really tight competition in the field of the top-quality hoverboards, but the first one in my opinion is the winner on this list.

That's mainly because this nice all-terrain hoverboard is really the most durable, true elite available in these times.

Well, the hoverboards will gain even more popularity with the greater passing of the time. So, it will be even more nice to have them later, but it's even more ahead of time to have them now. Considering this you need to buy exactly those that will last up to that time period.

So, here we presented the best self balancing scooters that will surely do the job of making your life nicer and easier.

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