Ultimate Face-off: Electric Scooter vs. Traditional Scooter

Have you ever tried riding a scooter?

Scooters are a great alternative to getting around your neighborhood economically and efficiently. Whether you’re using a traditional or an electric scooter, they are quite fun to use.

You can find various kinds of scooters in the market today. There are scooters that are specifically built for kids and adults. Scooters are becoming more popular by the minute especially since it offers numerous benefits to the rider.

A scooter is practical and is suitable for any rider regardless of age or social class. It is also affordable making it a popular choice of transportation among consumers. The bottom line is, anyone can use a scooter.

So, what exactly is the main difference between a traditional and an electric scooter? Let’s break it down.

Traditional Scooter

A traditional scooter is a land vehicle that is operated manually. It is built with a set of handlebar, deck, and wheels. To get it moving, you must place your foot on the deck and push yourself off the ground.

It is compact and easy to get around with. This makes it perfect for a stroll in the city or for your daily commute to work.

Better Control

Since it is human powered, it makes it one of the safest modes of transportation. This means you have total control over it. You can easily adjust accordingly depending on your need.

If you want to go slow, you can reduce the speed by using less force in your kick. On the other hand, if you prefer a faster speed, add force to your kick and push frequently. The good thing about a manually powered vehicle is it is easier to control.

Form of Exercise

Riding a traditional scooter is a good form of exercise. It’s an effective way to help you lose weight and get those calories burning. At the same time, your idle muscles will start to come alive again.

If you easily get bored when you’re confined in a room, riding a scooter is a good alternative. You can breathe some fresh air while exercising your muscles.

Improves Muscle Strength

This helps strengthen your abdominal muscles and lateral back muscles. It also prevents back pains especially since it helps stabilize the parts of your body. A traditional scooter minimizes the impact on your joints making it great for rehabilitating injuries.

Razor Siege Scooter

The Razor Siege Scooter is a good choice for a traditional Scooter. It’s great for twisting and propelling with its hybrid street technology design. This scooter is fun to use especially if you enjoy drifting.

You can perform cool tricks on it. Plus, the handlebars are designed for a nice grip. You won’t have to worry about slipping your hand from the wheel while riding.

It is easy to steer and gives you a smooth ride. This scooter is built for durability and strength so you can glide and turn for optimal performance.

Electric Scooter

Now you understand how a traditional scooter works, let’s move on to the electric scooter. An electric scooter has the same functions as a traditional scooter but is electrically powered by a battery. This makes it a practical choice as well because it doesn’t require fuel.

Less Travel Time

Using an electric scooter reduces your travel time. You won’t get affected by the traffic because you can easily zoom in and out through the congestion. It is also economical because you’re not spending repeatedly on gas and it is affordable too.


Since it is motorized, an electric scooter provides convenience wherever you go. If you are climbing up a hill, a good quality electric scooter can get you there without any effort. However, you can expect a downtime if your electric scooter is not up to par.


If you’re worried how it affects the environment, don’t fret. These vehicles are eco-friendly making it safe to use.

It not only saves gasoline consumption but reduces the carbon emission as well. Therefore, it doesn’t pollute the environment and since it runs on a battery, it is easier to maintain.


Compared to a traditional scooter, an electric type produces power. Just make sure you fully charge the battery before using it.

Electric Scooter

The Glion Electric Scooter is a reliable, quiet, and durable electric scooter for adults. You can easily fold it for quick storage. It is built with high-quality materials that will last you a long time.

This electric scooter makes it easy to get around in your neighborhood. You can ride it through the streets effortlessly even on rough asphalt.

Choosing the Best Scooter

By this time, you have a better understanding on the difference between a traditional and an electric scooter. Picking the most appropriate vehicle for you depends on how you intend to use it. It is for leisure, exercise or for commuting?

Scooters are affordable, practical, reliable and useful. This makes it a worthwhile buy.

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