Are Electric Scooters Dangerous?

Despite the fact that they are available on the market for a long time still, we can hear discussions on whether the electric scooters are dangerous to the rider and surrounding people.

We can find a lot of materials stating that scooters are very dangerous to be accessible without a permit or some test.

On the other hand, millions of these gadgets have been sold to many happy riders, who do not understand how these vehicles can possess any danger.

What Is The Difference Between Bikes And Electric Scooters?

Generally, electric bikes are more used by older generations who enjoy their riding but don’t have enough strength for longer journeys. As for the electric scooters, they are mostly preferred by youngers. Probably the main concern over the safety of electric scooters relates to where they are being used, like sidewalks and some other pedestrian areas.

Can There Be Truth To The “Risky” Label?

In some unreal circumstances, let’s say it can be the truth. It is quite difficult to imagine that electric scooters in irresponsible hands have caused injury to rider and others. Electric scooters can surprise people at how useful they can be.

We are very aware of all risks of riding both a bike and a motorbike. Below you can find a list of risks identical to electric bikes, which should be kept in mind.  These risks are mostly common to people riding high-speed bikes.

  • Excessive throttle from a dead stop
  • Turning the throttle without being aware of the fact that bike is on
  • The failure of the front hub motor fork
  • Misuse of the lithium batteries
  • Bearings locking up on the mid drive
  • Passing a pedestrian or a pedal bicyclist quietly at the higher speed
  • Making foolish things when riding a motorized vehicle
  • Stuck throttle in wide open position
  • Disregarding signals of the traffic
  • Excessive speed on a conversion bike that is not constructed for high speed

On the Other End…

There is an active legislation that determines speed limits on electric scooters. In most jurisdictions, this is fixed at 25 mph – and sometimes even lower. Thus it is evident that powerful electric scooters must be prohibited at public places. Taking into account that they are not considered as a road vehicle would, thus, make them banned completely to private grounds.

Still, the most of all electric scooters available on the market are riding at the top speed of 25 mph or even lower. All those products mentioned above are for a particular niche in the market, or at least that is how the manufacturers would describe them. Additionally, it is very complicated to regulate the use of diverse powers of electric scooters since it is difficult to determine the power of a motor just from a glance.

Is There Any Simple Solution?

Probably the best solution in the given situation consists in encouraging owners to respect the local laws. Prohibiting the sale of high-speed electric scooters would also be unrealizable. There have been a lot of talks that all owners of these vehicles have a certain permit displayed on their scooter that allows their use in public areas. This might sound like an ideal solution; however, it won’t have the same “cool” appeal and will just affect the market.

At the same time appears a gray area for about 90%+ of electric scooter owners who might be punished by legislation. However, we can just hope that with time a fair solution will appear.

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