Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

The unique Razor E300 electric scooter is undoubtedly an electric motor designed for teenagers and grownups. This scooter is Eco-friendly and well suited for short range commutation. This works by a significant motor which is chain-driven. As soon as the motor is charged, it can easily run continuously for forty minutes.

The rear and front tires are much wider and 10-inches-pneumatic. The tires allow this to go at 15 mph. It offers a higher torque, a rear brake which is hand-controlled. The higher torque provides twist-grip speed control and also a kickstand which is retractable. The battery requires a preliminary charge of eighteen hours and after that overnight charge after every use. The highest level of weight of the biker is 220 lbs.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter


Product Details at a Glance
  • Razor E300 electric scooter runs on the extended standard rechargeable 24V Seal battery;
  • Turbo-sized frame and deck;
  • High torque;
  • Perfect twist-grip accelerator;
  • The highest pace of 15 mph;
  • Handheld rear brake;
  • Extra wide ten-inches pneumatic tires and spring-loaded kickstand;
  • Having a run time of forty minutes following a full charge for twelve hours;
Large Deck, Frame, and Tires
In comparison to some other light duty tire, this gray electric scooter from Razor comes with thicker tires of ten-inch thickness. The tires make an excellent grip on the riding surface and for this reason, make certain of maximum performance. In the same way, the deck and frame are bigger. The deck and frame ensure excellent balance and hold at the time of driving.
On/Off switch
The On/Off switch of E300 makes it possible for engaging the particular engine with no need to push off it. Simply turn on the switch and then twist the accelerator for the engine to get started.
Load Capacity for Carrying
It provides the maximum capacity for carrying the rider’s body weight approximately 220-lbs. It is notably well suited for teens after having a bit of practice.
Hand-Run Rear Brake
The hand-run rear brake guarantees a safer and convenient drive for every age.
Foldable Handle
The particular handle of this gray electric scooter provides the system of folding to ensure that it can also be transported or stored effortlessly. This is, however, recommended to make use of almost all security devices for example elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet.
Environmentally safe
Since the particular E300 operates on battery, you cannot find any impact on the environment. The running cost will not affect the surge in the costs of fuels and gas.
Battery Life
Razor E300 electric scooter is included with two 12-volt covered acid batteries, a charger for the battery, and also the extra tools.


Easy to carry and store

Folding mechanism for the handlebar allows easy transport and storage.

Perfect grip

Special-wide tires offer strong and excellent grip on the riding surface area. The tires prevent chances of slipping or skidding. It can run on different surfaces and also wet streets as well.

Broad riding platform

The particular riding platform for this scooter is broad enough for a grown up to stand in a relaxed manner. This riding platform maintains balance at the time of driving.

Safety precautions for the speed

The Speed Limitation of 15 mph is itself a great way of measuring safety for the reason that Speed can thrill you but it can kill you at the same time. This scooter features a balanced speed- neither very slow nor very fast.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter has rechargeable batteries

You can obtain the standard recharge time of half of the day by maintaining the particular batteries for being recharged throughout the night. After recharging the battery, you can use it endlessly for forty minutes. Additionally, you can keep your battery for begin recharged when you are in the office.

It offers great affordability

The flexible functionality, the Eco-friendly, and also the running cost are combined to provide the maximum valuation for your cash.

Startup system

For the particular larger version of the Razor E300, turning the switch ON given on the accelerator can easily start the engine of this scooter.


  • One buyer complains about the battery that it continues to empty in case the power is kept on. This is not a human problem but it can be a deficiency in the scooter.
  • The compartment of the battery is fit low to the surface and also becomes hard enough to carry up it on some stairs. This kind of probability can be too hard to find and even may be accommodated having some additional physical effort.
  • You will find the wires too long, loose and even rub contrary to the front tire. You can solve this problem simply by moving the handle by 360 degrees.

My Verdict and Ending Notes:

After understanding a lot about the particular Razor E300, this can be well anticipated that you will get the minimum factors to say goodbye to this versatile and handy electric scooter, either for teenagers or yourself. This unique scooter comes with the best quality and also all the additional services. Choose and pick the perfect one considering the color of your own choice and then deal with your short-distance problems of traveling once for all. The perfect electric scooter can be a full possession and also a perfect decor for your beautiful home.

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