Skateboarding in Winter: Is it Possible?

During the winter season, you can expect to have an unpredictable weather. There are days when the harsh weather bombards us with rain and snow. Even the temperature fluctuates from cold to freezing points.

The streets are littered with melting ice, salt, and sand. It sucks for most sports enthusiasts who practically live outdoors. If you are an avid skateboarder, you probably know how this feels.

Many decide to put away their skateboards and lock it up in the closet until winter is over. Some serious skaters, on the other hand, go out of town and visit their relatives in warmer locations. However, if you are determined to ride despite the weather, it is still possible.

All you need is to plan, prepare and do a lot of research. Don’t let the weather get you down. Winter season may be inevitable but you can still find ways to survive it.

In this article, we’ll give you tips and advice on how you can skate your way through the winter season.

How to Skate During Winter Season

We’ve gathered a list of ideas to help you survive winter without giving up your zest for skateboarding.

Protection and Gear

#1 Wear the proper winter clothes.

Skating in the cold weather means you need to add more layers of your clothing. You don’t want to end up freezing or getting sick when you’re outside.

Wear a hat or a beanie and use a sweater or jacket to keep you warm. Don’t forget to wear a pair of gloves to prevent your hands from freezing and getting numb. Always protect yourself from the harsh weather to avoid catching the flu.

#2 Store your board in a warm area.

Don’t leave your board lying around in the snow. Make sure you put it in a safe and warm environment when you’re not using it.

When you leave your board exposed to extreme and cold temperature, it can affect the performance and condition. The bushings may become hard making it a struggle every time you make a turn. Your board’s kingpins can become brittle and eventually break.

This is why you should always take good care of your gear. Whether you are using it or storing it Buy extra parts. Keep a backup supply of your board’s hardware especially the kingpin and bearings. Having an extra set of hardware is handy in case a part breaks due to the cold temperature.

Alternative Venues

#1 Look for an indoor parking lot

A wide indoor parking lot gives you enough space to move around. Just make sure that you don’t distract other motorists and become a nuisance.

Be careful not to hit the vehicles parked. Pick a safe spot to avoid any accidents especially when you’re performing your tricks.

#2 Find a garage or basement

Ask your friends if they have a garage or basement you can use. The space may be more limited but it can be more challenging for skaters too.

You can offer to clean up the garage or basement and move away any fixtures and appliances. This may not be a great option for experienced skaters. However, it may be the perfect solution for beginners who just want a space to practice during winter.

If the garage is big, you can put in mini-ramps to amp up your skills. As long as the area is flat and concrete, a garage is a perfect option for most skaters. You can continue on doing what you love while staying dry and warm.

#3 Visit an indoor skate park

This list wouldn’t be complete without this option. Most cities have their own indoor skating park.

You’re lucky if you have one near you. However, it may cost you more especially if you plan on hanging out in the park regularly. Indoor skating parks can be fun especially if you are fond of grinding and performing other tricks.

#4 Training equipment

In worst cases, you can invest in a special skating equipment that you can use indoors. You can set up a balance trainer in your living room to improve and maintain your balance during offseason.

Other practice equipment allows you to practice your ollies in place. This option is a good suggestion especially for beginners who don’t want to lose their momentum during winter.

Enjoying the Winter Season

Now you know what to expect during the winter season, you can start planning. As you can see, there are many options to choose from.

The most important thing is to make sure you are skating in a safe environment no matter where. Stay dry and warm. Don’t let the cold weather dampen your spirits.

So, pick up your board and ride away. Keep on practicing those ollies. For all you know, your skills may greatly improve even before the spring season begins.

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